torsdag 26 november 2009

Its been a while!

Here I am, Im alive and well and have not completely dropped off of the planet. Ive been doing a lot this month and it feels great. Living out here in the sticks is not so bad at all, and we are all having a nice time today. Everyone is off of work today and so the family is at home, and we all have our laptops and computers up and are having a little internet cafe action.

Ive been coaching a group of about 9 kids in singing some songs for some of the older and sick people in the congregation. They are getting pretty darn good at it and we are happy to have been asked to encourage them in this way. We were only girls until one of the girl's brothers decided he would join also. His voice adds a really nice dimension to our already nice, but kind of high-pitched voices.

Work has been great also. Its been busy but not insane and I am happy thats the case. I do secular work only 3 days per week anyway so it can only get that bad in a week! :). It doesnt own my life anymore and I feel like Ive unplugged myself.

Well, other than that, not too much has happened. The cabin is warm and cozy right now, and I am glad for that.