lördag 9 januari 2010

Another week comes and goes...

Well, I just continued to be amazed by the way time goes! Things are are going well still. Several exciting things are going on in my life right now. I am very happy that it is not so cold out here in the PNW. Any day that is above 30 F is a great day for me. I dont do well in the cold at all.

So the project of late has been to make a bread that stays relatively moist, is not high in calories, and makes a good sandwich. Ive tried a couple of ones from Bette Hagman- her Swedish ''Rye'' bread is yeast-free as well as gluten-free and turned out the best G/F bread I have baked. It held up in a sandwich and stayed pretty moist. I also just tried making Oregon bread, and I screwed up the recipe, so it ended up pretty flat, and dried out really quickly. That one was great when it was straight out of the oven, and microwaved well the next day but it became breadcubes for stuffing.

Now I have a sourdough starter fermenting on my kitchen table, and I am thinking of making one of Carol Fenster's recipes for a sourdough French bread. I dont have a French bread pan, but I do have regular ones. I think I might be able to fashion a French bread pan from some aluminum foil and then line it with parchment. I really am looking forward to trying this one, so we shall see what happens. As usual, I will keep you all updated.

I got the time off for coming to Sweden in April, so Im excited!!