fredag 25 september 2009

3 day work weeks rock!

Just started a new work schedule this week- a 3 day work week. I work three 8-hour days now and have the rest of the time for more awesome pursuits. Massage is just such a cool job- I think about how much I like it every day. It can be quite challenging, though. And repetitive strain injuries creep up on you if you are not careful, bit its OK. You learn!

Otherwise, things are going really well. Im on my 3rd week of gluten-free, and I still feel so much better than I did before I started. I keep wondering if my original celiac blood test was a false negative- with such an improvement, maybe gluten intolerance was part of the problem. I have got to get back to my doctor one of these days and tell her... but I dont want to have to start eating gluten again just to get an official diagnosis of something. Gluten free is not the easiest thing to do, and you have to explain a lot. I am really self conscious about it. Im learning to cook a little differently and its going really well. No failures yet!

Life on the KP is also GREAT! Fall colors are starting to come out, and its really awesome to be so close to family and friends! LOVE IT!

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