lördag 19 september 2009

Just a little news...

Well, life has been treating me pretty fairly lately! Im really enjoying life in the countryside. It is so easy to sleep here, and I love the beautiful foliage that we are getting out here right now. I love to go for walks or runs and take it all in, its so beautiful!

The job is also going amazingly well- I learn new things from each person I work on. Massage is such a cool field to be in because you are learning and getting better with each patient you treat. Getting one's license to practice is just the beginning of learning, not the end. Amazing!

Well, Im sitting here eating my gluten free coffee cake. Yes, *gluten free*. In short, my doctor suspected me of being intolerant a while ago and had a test done which came back negative. In my desperation to not have gut pain so often, I tried the diet (which she recommended like two months ago!) and it actually has helped A LOT! I read that sometimes a blood test will give back a false positive, so that must have happened. I feel much more energetic and happy. Honestly, its been two weeks, and not eating gluten has not made me feel deprived at all!

It just takes being creative!

Heres a link about gluten intolerance

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