onsdag 22 juli 2009

friends and a little poetry

Tonight was a great night! I had some friends over and it was fun getting to know them! I made gulärtssoppa with salad and then rågbröd and knäckebröd. Of course, with the different breads we had butter and brännvinsost... and then for dessert I made kladdkaka. I think next time I make kladdkaka Ill do a little more chocolate and then REMEMBER to add the vanilla extract :) But it was totally delish anyway.

So maybe a little poetry... I call these ones Jeopardy Categories... strings of 7 or 8 different thoughts that, together, form a picture of how I felt at a certain time durnig the day or whatever. Enjoy.... This one I wrote at during a period of time where I REALLY was ''homesick'' for the life I led in Sweden.

The senses...

Words dont touch them

De kan man aldrig röra

Hunger i rösten, inte i magen!

The anticipation

And always preparing

Always being on the move

I loved that so much

2 kommentarer:

zarah sa...

Det låter som en toppen kväll :) duktigt att fixa mat och allt! Kram

HaleysComet sa...

hej Zara har inte du också en blogg? det vore kul o läsa också! tack för kommentaren, ska snart skriva till dig på facebook! kram!