måndag 27 juli 2009

Kaffedags! Coffee-time!

This has got to be my favorite word in both languages. What is better than a coffee break? NOTHING! I dont know what I would do without coffee...

Coffee is totally a part of our culture here in the Pacific Northwest, especially here in the greater Seattle area. We like it strong and often! And when we can't get our fix... I just dont even wanna go there! I get a headache thinking about that!

Coffee for me is about tradition and a sense of wellbeing. I grew up with strong brewed coffee, and even though I didnt start drinking coffee until I was about 17, I always remember that mom and dad would take the time to sit and enjoy that first cup of the day. I do the same now that Im out on my own. No matter what is going on, and no matter how late I am, I MUST sit down for that first cup. Rarely have I had morning coffee on the run!

Now, I use a french press to make my coffee. I find that it tastes different from drip and there are actually small, small granules left in the coffee itself. I think that makes the coffee flavor a bit richer. Its good!

Having lived in Karlstad, Sweden, I got spoiled with the smell of freshly roasting coffee. Löfbergs Lila roasts all their coffee right in town, in Hamnen (correct me if Im wrong!). I would walk down Västra Torggatan and all of a sudden I would get BLITZED by the most amazing coffee smell imaginable. So glorious. I kinda miss that!

And theres afternoon coffee too.... and usually a snack goes with it. Lately, its been bananas and peanut butter. I love this. But ginger cookies are great also.

I really think I could go on and on about coffee.... So what are your coffee traditions?

3 kommentarer:

Kati sa...

Åh, kaffedoft från Löfbergs Lila! Jag är där som sommarvikarie nu i tre veckor o städar så jag är mitt i doften hela dagarna! Gör det faktiskt lite lättare att jobba! O dricker kaffe gjort på färskt kaffe varje dag! Det är gott! O det ligger i Inre Hamn, alltså inte den stora hamnen utan verkligen mitt i stan. Hoppas förresten att det är ok att jag skriver på svenska här?! Du får väl översätta om någon undrar! Ha det bra! Kram!

Atlantic Arts Photography sa...

I'm a french-presser, too. Eeeeevery morning!

Haley sa...

Ja, visst går det bra att skriva på svenska här! Kul att höra ifrån dig och veta att allt går bra! Mmmm kan tänka mig att kaffedoften gör man pigg på dagarna! Just det, Inre Hamn heter det! Vad konstigt när man börjar glömma saker... LOL! Vi hörs! Kram!