torsdag 23 juli 2009

morning glory

I know that in this blog I totally ramble about whatever comes to mind, so here I go again... I really love mornings to myself- when I have no rush to get things done. Between work and service, this happens on Thursdays. Thursday morning is like the calm before the storm. Thursday afternoon is always super booked up at the clinic, so having this calm morning is nice.

Now... what to have for breakfast. This is a struggle. Do I have cereal, muesli, eggs, veggie sandwiches, bananas in yogurt, oatmeal..... sometimes I think too hard about this! There is really no need to panic though, just do what your body is telling you.... but its hard. Food is a pain in the butt. ROYALLY!

Well... I guess its time to make my way into the kitchen and decide this!

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