torsdag 30 juli 2009

ode to quorn... that stuff is amazing

Today I am reminded that veggies really do rule. I was able to enjoy a really good quorn sandwich using their naked cutlets, I think they are supposed to be similar to chicken. Those things taste way better than chicken ever did! I am going to try some gutsy things with Quorn filets... if I can shred them like chicken then I can make tamales, flying jacob, chili verde, bbq ''chicken'' and so on without actually having to deal with meat.

So the reason I am going the vegetarian route these days is kind of a product of my laziness- when Im at home, I really really do NOT like to deal with meat- raw, cooked, whatever. Its messy! And bloody and usch..... need I go on? I find that I end up not being able to get things as clean as I want them after dealing with it, and Id really rather not get sick. I cant just stick stuff in a dishwasher. Vegetarian is just so much more convenient for the single, busy lifestyle.

But also from a health standpoint, there are a lot of views on vegetarian vs. non-vegetarian. I think that vegetarian probably has a lot of health benefits given the level of cholesterol and stuff that meat contains. I think that a lot of people dont realize that until recently, meat wasnt a given in everyday dining. People ate grains, legumes, nuts, fish and vegetables for the most part and had some of the heavier meats only a few times a month maybe. So the sheer amount of meat that is eaten on average by people is way too much.
I also read somewhere that a vegetarian diet can give you more chemicals if you dont choose organic because of the level of spraying done to soy and wheat, which a lot of vegetarian protein is made from.
BUT, on the other hand, treatment of animals these days is pretty brutal, and I totally agree and understand where vegetarians and vegans are coming from when they choose to do it for those reasons.

Haha, one could really go back and forth about it, huh?

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Atlantic Arts Photography sa...

Agreed... I didn't realize how much meat was in my diet till I tried to stop having it. But it's been 5 years for me and I'm never going back!

We'll have to share some recipes sometime.

Haley sa...

Yeah! Cool! Definitely share some with me, I need a little variety sometimes... its so easy to repeatedly eat the same thing for days!