lördag 1 augusti 2009

sushi basics and baking plans

Well, today I learned Sushi basics, and it was really fun. We had a sushi party at my parents house and I learned how to make Nigiri and Rolls.

Nigiri is cool because you make little rice balls then stick a topping of your choice (eggs, avocado, fish, etc) on top of it then dip in soy sauce and eat with a little of wasabi. You have to mix in some vinegar type stuff with the rice to make it a little sweeter and pliable. Its called sushi seasoning or something.

Then, the rolls- they are tricky but actually not as hard as I thought it would be. You press some rice out on top of a sheet of nori, stick a strip of toppings down the middle, then roll it up and squish it together, then slice it. YUM.

Tomorrow is another cooking adventure. In the evening, I am going to make wheat bread for the coming week and then also make some chocolate ginger cookies. I make all my meals at home- breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I never really make the breakfast bread, or the cookies or any of this other stuff!

So my idea for bread is to make a basic wheat bread, then find a way to tweak it and mix some muesli in it, to make it like oat bread. It will sure be interesting to see how it turns out. The muesli has wheat, oat and spelt flakes and then dried papaya, raisins and bananas so should turn out nicely.

The cookies will be fun too. I have powedered chocolate, chocolate chips and crystalized ginger at home, and I would really love to experiment a little with those things and make something yummy. We shall see.... :)

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