lördag 25 juli 2009


Well, the WEEKEND is here and that makes me happy! Ive decided to maybe make this blog a little bit about Northwest and Scandinavian people and culture as well as about myself! Its fun to have something to write about that I am really interested in.

I live and LOVE the Pacific Northwest. Tall trees, the ocean, the mountains and one of the only cool-climate rainforests in the world make this heaven on earth for me. Add in the laid back people, excessive espresso drinking and a smattering of rain and youve got something special!

I dont live in Scandinavia, but I LOVE it too! Ive lived there before and I love the rolling hills, long summer days, long winter nights, excessive coffee drinking, traditions and general feeling of security up in Scandinavia. It was there that I saw the Northern Lights for the first time, and learned how to survive thousands of miles away from things that were familiar to me! And Gudrun Sjödén boutiques were only a train ride away :)

So... Im thinking of making Flying Jacob for dinner tomorrow.... MMMM......

2 kommentarer:

flyttlasset sa...

"Excessive coffee drinking" :D.

Haley sa...

Hehe... oh yes... for me, its ''all or nothing''!