lördag 29 augusti 2009

anniversary party, drumming and bean flour pancakes!

Well, my friends, it's been a whirlwind week.

I have been moving all week, which is very exciting and at the same time pretty stressfull. And today we siblings threw our parents a 25th Anniversary party which turned out awesome. It was nice because people respected me and did not try to micromanage me! I hate it when people tell me how to do stuff that I already know how to do!

Tomorrow I am moving into my cabin. Finally... yes, at long last Ill be there! I really cant wait.

And... I thought Id be able to finish this blog before I got too tired but... I think thats going to be hard.

I ate SOOO much today. I had some lovely corn chips with guacamole, some really great gluten-free brownies made by our buddy Cher, all kinds of random servings of food all day and night. There was also a chocolate cake with strawberry mousse filling. Ive got to learn how to make those gluten free brownies. As far as I know Im not gluten intolerant, but the texture of them is just SO good. Gluten free flour is slightly more ''gritty'' than regular flour, and so it gives what you cook with more of a texture. If eating gluten free wasnt so dang expensive, Id probably buy cookie mixes and stuff all the time because I love the way it tastes!

Speaking of gluten-free, I had some bean flour that I made breakfast pancakes with the other day and they turned out great! But I forgot to wash the pan well the night before (after I made spicy stir fry) so they had a certain unexpected heat!

I also played the drum set today... and totall rocked the garage off its foundation. AMAZING!

OK I guess I stuck it out a little longer than I thought!

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