torsdag 20 augusti 2009

recipe time again!

OK! Just made something I didnt think would fly- oatmeal in a crock pot! This is super nice to wake up to now that its starting to get a little chillier in the morning.

The difference between this oatmeal recipe and ones you may have done before is that you use STEEL CUT OATS (not rolled!!!!!) and use the crock pot as a double boiler!

This recipe serves two- its all my tiny crockpot would hold!

1 1/2 Cup water
dash of cinnamon
dash of vanilla extract

MIX these two together and evenly devide between two medium sized coffee mugs with handles.

THEN fill your crock pot about 1/3 up with water.

PUT cups in the crock pot- the water level should be OK for the cups to sit in it like sort of a bath- and for the water to not run into the oatmeal mixture.

COOK on LOW for 8 hours. Mine was on from 9.30pm to 7 am... so thats like 10 hours almost.

GO to sleep.
WAKE up and eat your nice, chewy, hearty, healthy, steamed oatmeal!

Now Im gonna go for a run... gotta keep training for that 10K coming up!

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