lördag 8 augusti 2009

Sunday plans

I have plans for Sunday, and they do NOT involve baking anything of any kind! Im out on the KP again today at the parents house and I dont want to have a hectic day tomorrow after I get home. I am going to Fred Meyer to stock up on a couple basics... almondmilk, cooking spray, butter, veggies for stirfrying or roasting, some falafel mix, etc. I dont want anything complicated! Simplicity is beautiful.

I have a few projects to start. The first is to make a seahorse of wool for my mom. She likes the little felted animals I make now and then and I think a seahorse would compliment the octopus and mermaid of clay pretty well.

The second is to do my bible studying. Im reading a book about the Acts of Apostles. Its very inspiring to see how these ''spiritual giants'' in the Bible had really similar concerns to what we have today.

Id also like to do some financial planning tomorrow, to see if I can simplify life and get by on less. I have a nack for wasting time when Im at home, so I will need to practice structuring my time a little better in order to get things done!

So thats that.... now Ill get back to my weekend!

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