fredag 7 augusti 2009


Kefir is a superfood! If you are familiar with Swedish FILMJÖLK then we are on the same page. If not, kefir can be compared with effervescent sour milk, thin sour cream or thin yogurt. It sounds wierd, but its soo good. I love the sourness of it. Ive never been a fan of regular milk only! I always drink plain kefir because I dont like added sugar in my basic food, but you can get raspberry, blueberry, all kinds of it!

Kefir is so special because it can supposedly re-colonize the digestive tract after a course of antibiotics. It generally contains more kinds of bacteria than yogurt. I know that my digestion is a lot better after drinking about 8oz of plain, lowfat kefir every day. I did go through about 10 months of twice a day, heavy duty antibiotics for my acne, so even though I had a tough time with dairy before, it got really bad during and after the antibiotics. So Im hoping that the kefir will help get the natural good bacteria back in the system.

Make sure to try it sometime. I have it with Kashi Heart to Heart oat cereal for breakfast and dessert. Ive also had it for dinner, because its pretty filling!

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This stuff has got to be the next best thing!

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