söndag 23 augusti 2009

kitchen skills!

Tostadas are so good... I ended up having to go to my parents again tonight to pick up something I had left there, and since I must always be cooking, I made tostadas!

For those who are unfamiliar with Tostadas, they are a Mexican treat made with corn tortillas, beans, chicken or vegetarian protein, onions and green bell peppers.

Here are tostadas according to Haley

You need these things

about 15 small corn tortillas- I use just soft ones... you can probably use the hard ones, although they are not really the same.

2 cans nonfat refried beans
4 large chicken breasts- boiled and shredded/ vegetarian chicken type stuff, shredded
1 green bell pepper, cut into short, thin strips
1/2 onion, cut into short, thin strips
1 pack taco seasoning
some water

FRY the onions and bell peppers so that they get a little floppy
ADD the chicken to this, and toss in the taco seasoning and add a little water to give it some moisture.
SIMMER this mixture until you are ready to use it

SPRAY some Pam or put some oil into a large skillet.
COOK the corn tortillas until they are pliable

SPOON some beans onto each tortilla, then add some of the chicken mixture
TOP with some cheese if you do eat dairy

BAKE in a warm oven for about 5 minutes, just to heat everything up
SERVE with a nice green salad and a BEER!

EAT with TONS of salsa on them, and sour cream if you want.

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