söndag 16 augusti 2009

Im moving!!!

I am so excited! Ive been entertaining the thought of moving out of town for a while, and finally the opportunity has presented itself! Im going to rent a cabin out in the woods, reduce my working days to 3 days per week, and persue more satisfying things in the free time. Ill still be working where I work now so things will be fine in that department!

This cabin is quite small- but its the fact that I no longer will live in a box in town that has me so happy. I will have my own space, a yard, a place to BBQ, the possibility of late, loud nights of chilling out with friends without angry neighbors... breathing room for lack of a better descriptor! The more I think about it, the more right it feels. And Ill be close to the family and most of my friends!

It may take some adjusting, but Im willing to give it a shot. Im making a promise to myself that I will live there a full year before deciding to move again. I think thats healthy and reasonable. I was here in T town for only 6 months, so it feels kinda lame to pull up my roots and start over, but it wont really be starting over as much it will be returning to the familiar.

Fun times ahead, Im sure!

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